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Huobi nennt sich jetzt HTX: Eine neue Ära für die Krypto-Börse beginnt

Huobi rebrands to HTX: What you need to know

Digital asset exchange Huobi has recently announced its rebranding to HTX as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Along with the name change, the company has also updated its official social media handles and community pages to HTX. The new web pages now bear HTX, including its URL,

A meaningful acronym

According to the official announcement, the letter ‚H‘ stands for Huobi, while ‚T‘ represents Tron as the exchange commits to the Tron Network. The ‚X‘ in HTX stands for exchange. Additionally, the combination of ‚HT‘ represents the native token of the platform, and the ‚X‘ symbolizes the Roman numeral for 10, emphasizing the company’s 10th anniversary.

The exchange has also unveiled its new slogan, „HTX, Just Trade It.“ This rebranding initiative sets the ball rolling for HTX’s new vision towards financial freedom for 8 billion people. The platform aims to expand into new markets and foster partnerships while maintaining professional services and prioritizing growth, a secure ecosystem, and compliance.

Huobi’s journey and market position

Over the past decade, Huobi has emerged as a prominent player in the global market. The exchange has achieved a 24-hour trade volume of over $664,225,880.32. Despite temporarily slipping out of the top 10 ranked exchanges by trading volumes, according to recent data by CoinGecko, Huobi has consistently made the list in previous years.

Rebranding decisions and user feedback

The decision to rebrand has divided digital asset users. Some see it as a positive step that commemorates 10 years of service to users. On the other hand, some users have linked Huobi’s rebranding to the collapsed crypto exchange FTX. These users have shared their concerns and jokes on social media platforms, drawing comparisons and referencing past events.

It is worth noting that this is the second time Huobi has made a rebranding effort in less than a year. In November 2022, the exchange changed its name from Huobi Global to Huobi following the collapse of FTX. Huobi aimed to navigate the damage caused by FTX in the market.

With its rebrand to HTX, Huobi aims to rejuvenate its image while staying committed to providing reliable and innovative services to the global digital asset community. The exchange has already announced major partnerships, including one with blockchain security firm CertiK, to enhance its existing infrastructure.

About Huobi: Huobi is a leading digital asset exchange that was established in 2013. It provides a wide range of services, including trading, asset management, and wallet solutions.

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